I Went, I Saw, I Wuthered

..and then I remembered I have a blog. So here’s a blog post!

Myself, Marjan and Helen as convincing Kates

That’s myself, Marjan and Helen being excellent Kates. I don’t remember when or how I heard about The Most Wuthering Heights Day ever, and I have to confess I’m not actually a Kate Bush fan.  I am, however, a fan of a red frock and a fan of Noel Fielding who did a rendition of Wuthering Heights for the Comic Relief Dance thingy whatsit. I quite like the song itself, which is good because it’s in my brain for the next seven years I reckon.

It was a bit surreal and a bit magical driving into the city (well, being driven into the city) and starting to spot all the red dresses heading to Kings Domain.  The day was going to involve three things I tend to avoid if I can – crowds, dancing in public and wrap dresses. The last of those is the easiest to avoid, if you’re wondering. I have yet to be pounced upon by a feral wrap dress, but I think it’s a valid fear.


After a pretty dismal week, weather wise, it was lucky we had brilliant sunshine on the day. It was visually fabulous, the contrast of all the red on green under a deep blue sky. We spent a couple of hours learning moves such as “serve the plates”, “ice skating”, “more bush” and my personal favourite “backwards pterodactyl”. I don’t know how many times we ran through it, but it was just enough times for me to be about 3 beats behind at any given moment.

Once more with feeling

I wish the photos could convey a sense of the scale of this thing, it was so much red. Red being my favourite colour, it was like an explosion of glee for me. Gleeburst.

Once we’d “learned” the dance (haha), we all moved over to the park behind the Music Bowl to record the moment. Three run throughs, and I managed to nail the chorus routine I think. Once. On the last run through. It’s fine, we were up the back. No one will notice. Right? Right. Thought not.


There’s official video to come, apparently. Which will be fun, even the clips uploaded by audience people have been good to watch. Something very pleasing about a sea of waving arms, all in red.  I’ll try to remember i have a blog, and update with the video. That’s something to look forward to for you there.

Of course, when everyone is wearing the same thing, and you slip off for a cigarette, it’s quite tricky finding your people. Thankfully, Marjan works with small children and has experience rounding up the wayward…

Lots more photos, videos and glee on the Facebook event page. It was a genuinely fabulous day. The organisers did a perfect job of it, and everyone was just there for some silly fun so the atmosphere was excited and joyful.

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